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Leira asylmottak - english

In EnglishLeira Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers
Leira received it's first residents March 1st 1990 and since then around 2000 asylum-seekers have been living here, some only for a few days, others for many years.
The ”camp” was established to be only temporary, but has shown to be as permanent as any camp can possibly be. For a period, Leira was the only camp, of at the most 20, in the whole Middle of Norway that was not closed. It has to be regarded as a sign of trust from the employers of the camp (UDI) that Leira were allowed to exist.
Today, Leira Centre consists of the buildings at Leira and a few houses and flats close to the centre of Levanger.
The UDI comes under the authority of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and does not run any reception centres on their own.
They always hire others. Some centres being run by private citizens or organisations, others, like Leira, by the local municipality, ”the commune”. Because of this, the staffs at Leira are employees of Levanger Kommune, and are not directly connected with the UDI. At Leira, approximately 41 persons share the equal of 26 full-time positions.

The residents at Leira will have contact with the local environment in many ways; Children go to kindergarten, or to the closest schools and most adults go to the Norwegian-classes at Sjefsgården. Many are using the library in town to stay informed, and everybody has to walk to the centrum and back once in a while.
30 different countries, and even more nations and languages are represented at Leira now. People not knowing whether their future will bring a positive answer to their apply for asylum in Norway, or if they have to leave this country on a short notice.Some will be returned to their home countries by the authorities, others travel on silently, perhaps to another country, without telling anyone. Leira have residents of all ages and genders, but mostly single men between 20 –30 years of age.  
The days goes by with waiting for the post, keeping contact with family, friends and homeland, lawyer and UDI, watching TV, learning Norwegian and about Norwegian society. The cleaning of the lodgings is the resident’s responsibility.   

”Samarbeidsrådet”, ” the Cooperation Counsel” a group representing and elected by the residents are trying all the time to arrange and find interesting and useful activities for everyone in the camp. They even have some influence on how the camp is run. Some of the asylum-seekers in Norway are given a temporary working permit and are allowed to seek for work, but to find is not very easy.
A single adult is given a free room and usually (some receive less) 3.100 nkr. to manage food, medicine, clothes and everything else each month. Most of them have to share kitchen, bath and toilet with 6 others.
Two of Leira`s divisions are reserved for special groups only. One for single minors: The ones staying here are registered to be under the age of 18, and have applied for asylum alone, not accompanied by close adult relatives. One for asylum seekers that are in need of care because of different health-problems, functionally disabilities a.o. Both these divisions have staff present 24 hours a day, primarily working for their own residents, but if urgent outside office hours, the other residents in the camp can ask for help here, too.

The residents at Leira are ”asylum-seekers”.
If they receive a positive answer on their apply for asylum, they are to be settled and will be called "refugees". Some have even been settled in Levanger, but most asylum seekers actually have to leave Norway again. For many, the waiting-period at Leira is difficult to get through, but for most it still is better than the alternatives.

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